About Us
Who We Are "ATNS USA is a company constantly running for better solutions." We are a provider of comprehensive IT solutions striving for complete answers with customers' needs and the challenges they face and grow together to help customers grow.
We struggle to be a partner of choice, helping our customers run businesses faster and easier with greater operational efficiency.
As an expert group with an average of 15 years of business consulting, ERP consulting experience, and IT development
experience, we have know-how and skillset to understand customer's processes and improve the process more
effectively better than anyone.
What We Do "We provide effective solutions and services to meet your needs,
from startups to large enterprise customers."
ATNS USA's solution and service portfolio can support a wide range of company sizes, including
small growth-oriented companies, midsized, and large enterprise companies.
Lightweight and easy to use for small
and medium-sized businesses
Cloud-based ATNS ERP is designed to be lightweight and easy to use for small and medium-sized businesses, yet it has all the core features it needs. ATNS ERP will be the best solution for your growth and success, from the time you need an ERP to use Enterprise ERP like SAP or Oracle. Light & Easy ERP Robust extension solutions and higher
quality maintenance services for large enterprise
For large enterprises using SAP ERP or BI, we provide robust extension solutions and higher quality maintenance services to make your business more comfortable and faster. ATNS USA offers suites of SAP extension packages that enable users to focus on higher-value activities and improve productivity significantly and help to enhance corporate competitiveness by allowing managers to make faster and more accurate decisions. Powerful Extension Integrated application platform
for any size company
We are providing a flexible and integrated application platform by
combining various services required by companies of different sizes.
ATNS USA's Application Platform provides easy and effective data
exchange with production facilities (PCL) and various mobile devices in addition to the basic features of an existing ERP solution.
Through this, it is possible to control production facilities directly,
collect data related to production such as IoT data, and obtain valuable insights through integration with ERP data.
Integrated Platform
What We Will Do and Never Stop "Innovative Application Platform" We are transforming to deliver an Innovative Application Platform that helps your company transform to prosper in the new digital economy through increasing your competitive capacity with greater operational effectiveness and agility. ATNS USA is ready to have integrated the various services your business needs.
The combination of extensive industry experience and the efficient solutions that we currently offer will result in
a powerful and innovative new platform.
Flexible and Adjustable
Application Platform
The platform integrates with existing systems flexibly to add required new capabilities and handle changing requirements more quickly and effectively. Experiences Accumulating
It also stores the diverse and valuable experiences that occur in the enterprise. Those experiences can be analyzed quickly and efficiently to provide insights that help you address future challenges and increase your competitiveness.
We will continue to evolve the Innovative Application Platform to become a solid foundation of a true Business Process Management and RPA.
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