Solutions PA Accelerator for SAP
POWERFUL PROFITABILITY ANALYSIS FOR SAP Profit Analysis Accelerator for SAP guarantees Accelerate Business, Performance and Efficiency Big data creates value in several ways, some significant challenges to profitability analysis. Poor month-end closing runtimes impacts business performance, and business users lack access to PA data leading to suboptimal business decisions. The PA Accelerator for SAP solution provides various functions for PA closing per in-depth analysis characteristics (Organizations/Customers/Products, etc.) and plans establishment. It enables to improve the business efficiency and reduce the system maintenance cost and TCO sharply through fast processing speed and reduction of processing data amount. Benefits

Accelerate Business Performance and Efficiency

Accelerated runtimes for cost allocations
Real-time access to optimal amounts of profitability data
Rapid, non-disruptive deployment of the solution

Optimize Decision Making

Easy-to-use, graphical self-service analytics
Flexible and unconstrained profitability reporting
Quick access to CO-PA data via a single Record Type

Powerful Profitability Analysis

Various uses, such as management planning and estimated profit or loss linked to sales plans
Past re-closing on changed cycles or drivers
Repeated simulation with different distribution bases

Seize Opportunities to Maximize Performance

Unlimited analysis of CO-PA data
Easily integrate CO-PA data with other reporting tools
Refocus on higher-value activities instead

Innovative Advancement

Minimizes results data allowing to save storage cost
Reduces opportunity costs with minimal expense for system tuning and delay at the time of archiving data

8 Hours Allocation Scenario Total runtime decreased by 90% or more! Graph
Features and Capabilities
Stop Watch Accelerated Month-End Closing Rapid ERP CO-PA Allocations
Accelerated CO-PA Reporting
Guarantee optimized performance
Parallel processing know-how for big data
Laptop Deeper Analysis Optimal result data set without redundancy
Possible to more in-depth and more sophisticated analysis
No limitations to reporting dimensions
Monitor Powerful Trace Traceable distribution relationship by each receiver
Easy to verify distribution errors
Check availability of pre-allocation and distribution by each cycle
Magnifying Glass Transparency No changes to SAP standard data
Completely separated from SAP standard tables
No impaction to SAP data by human errors
Monitor2 Simple Deployment Installation via Change Request
Activation via customizing
No additional Hardware
Data load through automated procedures via configuration
Checkmark Easy to Use Easy to use the via personalized closing cockpit
Flexible adaption as business changes such as additional Characteristic and Value field
No program modification is needed
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