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PLAN, CONTROL, AND MONITOR THE WHOLE PRODUCTION AT ANY POINT IN TIME ATNS Production, part of ATNS ERP Edition, allows for the ability to track material, schedule production with MRP, and create automation production order. Production is tightly integrated with all the other modules in Logistics.

Streamlining In-House Processes

The production system provides accurate real-time information to teams in each area of the business.

Enhanced Collaboration Between Work Teams

By creating a dynamic production data stream to which all work teams have access and help to boost collaboration across the workforce.

Greater Supply Chain Visibility

Systems allow you to see every aspect of the supply chain, allowing you to make decisions in real-time.

Improvements to Product Quality

The production system provides managers with instant information on product defects and continuing issues within their production lines, ensuring that team leaders can quickly pinpoint and remove problem areas.

Reduced Expenditures

Features and Capabilities
Material Functionality

Instead of manually entering the number of materials, the system can order the correct amount of parts.

Loading and Scheduling

Make various versions of production scheduling that will account for production or downtime.


The process ends with system evaluation and locates areas where improvement is needed.

Where Used

As a component of the BOM, you can track where each level is used.

Moving Inventory

The stock movement is efficiently directed throughout the warehouse to increase efficiency.


Backflushing is automatic goods issuing of material consumed for production, at the time of confirmation.

Material Tracking

Record materials transfer to keep track of where they are at all times.

Lot and Serial Number Tracking

Recorded information is associated with a lot number of production.

Barcode Integration

Use barcode scans to record inventory transactions, including material receipts, and physical inventory.

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