Solutions Easy-Accounting for SAP
Complex journaling tasks that were previously done on SAPGUI can now be handled efficiently and transparently with the ATNS Easy-Accounting for SAP. It is the best solution to help users to journal quickly, accurately, and seamlessly, to post automatically to SAP accounting by integrating attached document management and approval management.
Automated entry management allows users to enter journals with ease and fast
minimizes work process errors
increases productivity
by saving time.
Accounting/Finance users can organize attachments, check supporting documents, and easily track and manage the document approval process in real-time. It will
save time and additional work from the off-line process.
General users can easily attach and manage various documentary evidence online during journal entry. It reduces up to 70% of the physical copy of documents and helps reduce total management costs.
Budget checking, approval management through workflow, closing bottlenecks, status checking, and management functions are some features to manage the status of the entire journal in real-time.
Customers using traditional versions of SAP, as well as customers using HANA, can set up quickly and efficiently and can be built and used in 1-2 months.
User-friendly interface and one-stop service to A to Z for accounting tasks, including dashboard function.
Do you really need to Centralize? When a user of each department completes the task (expense processing, purchasing, etc.), it is automatically journaled and requested to the accounting department for review. After the inspection and checks are completed, they will be automatically posted to SAP. The process of accounting document processing is simplified and automated, so the centralization function is unnecessary.
No more need 3rd party licenses Support for powerful mobile apps no longer requires 3rd party expense apps like Concur. Add-in journal entry function eliminates the need for 3rd party journal entry products such as Blackline. No 3rd party product is necessary for reconciliation since the reconciliation function is already included in the G/L document processing function.
Features and Capabilities
User-Specific Screen, Easy to Use

Transparent and Clear Management by Accounting Document

Definite identification of the authors of various documents such as AR, AP, and GL and precise checking of the history of entire accounting documents

Various Reports and Dashboards

Trial Balance, G/L line item inquiry, AR / AP Aging, Bank Statement Report, Bottleneck Reports, etc.
Provide various dashboards for management level (BI connection)

Attached Document Management

Build a paperless environment with the ability to attach and manage accounting documents easily, including scan documents or attached documents created in Mobile when creating accounting documents

Budget Management

It is possible to prevent the accounting document creation error by checking the Budget Validation when creating the accounting document if the Budget function is enabled in SAP.

Approval Management

Through the embedded workflow, you can monitor and manage the transparency and processes of accounting documents.

Support Mobile

The built-in mobile app enables expense processing without 3rd party products like Concur.

Support Bank Connection

Supports automated payment and clearing through SFTP, Bank Direct Connection via EDI (Automatic Reconciliation)

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