Solutions ATNS TMX for Production
WENESTIM TMX FOR PRODUCTION WILL HELP YOUR BUSINESS TURN TO DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION The foundation of the 4th Industrial Revolution is the collection of data.
ATNS TMX for Production adds a new meaning of "Real-Time" to your business by enabling collecting, transmission, and control data from equipment, robotics, devices, and various sensors at your business edge.
ATNS TMX for Production will help you get the full picture, and your business turn to digital transformation.

Turn to Digital Transformation

Equipment, Robotics, Devices, and Sensors data is collected and converted to Digital for integration into other business areas.

Easy Integration

A variety of drivers and connectors are already included, making it easy and convenient to connect to your production equipment and plant facilities.

Cloud or On-Premises

It supports both the cloud and on-premise environment by software method, not hardware method, and flexible configuration is possible according to the customer's environment.

Minimize Deployment Costs

Server Instance License reduces deployment costs.

Real-Time Monitoring and Control

The first step towards leaping to digital transformation is to be able to monitor and control data in real-time.
Industrial IoT (IIoT) quickly connects, generates, and delivers data enabling operations teams to make the most of their IoT data resulting in increased productivity.

Extension to Automation

A simple connection to various equipment makes it easy to extend to Mobile Plant Maintenance.

In addition to the automation of equipment management, it can be extended to plant automation by automating the managing and control of various utilities such as power and temperature.

Data Control and Design

By providing a web-based data control and design tool, you can make your dashboard allows you to monitor the status in real-time and effectively control the data.

ERP Integration

Production performance data previously transmitted by the MES system can now be received directly from the ERP through ATNS TMX for Production.
Production efficiency is greatly improved by applying and directing the planning and schedule generated by ERP directly to the production facilities.

Features and Capabilities
Dynamic UI

Dynamically display real-time data to users.

Data Control and Display Tool

Provide Web Brower based data handling tool
Users can handle the data directly for simple data inquiry and dashboard configuration if needed.

Time Machine

All data from connected production equipment can be stored.
Unique technology enables stored data to be played and reviewed at any time.

Management and Security

Simplified operation by the distribution of screens through web servers and the unification of security controls

Thin Client

No installation or setup required but thin and fast execution with any web browser-based client environment.

Native Drivers

A variety of drivers and connectors are already included.
The simple setup allows you to configure the connection with your equipment.
Any drivers you need can be developed and provided.


Fast system establishment, easy preparation, and intuitive user control increase productivity.

Possible Major Application of TMX
Request DEMO Request DEMO Buildings Management Cooperation and Control of Building Systems Management and control of temperature, humidity, and lighting of buildings
Request DEMO Request DEMO Processes Monitoring Management of In-between Production Lines Monitoring and Control of various processes of production lines or unique treatments in industries of semiconductors, conveyors, and motors
Request DEMO Request DEMO Water/Sewage Control Water and Sewage Control Monitoring and control of water and sewage treatment, discharge, burning, compression and other conditions of wastes
Request DEMO Request DEMO Energy Control Energy Control System Monitoring and control of electricity and boilers or remote checking of gas meters
Request DEMO Request DEMO Mobile Plant Maintenance Integration with Mobile Plant Maintenance for SAP Monitor and control various production-related data in mobile PM app at any time, anywhere
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