Solutions Mobile Plant Maintenance for SAP
AUTOMATED PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE AND REAL-TIME PLANT MANAGEMENT ON MOBILE ATNS Mobile Plant Maintenance for SAP provides real-time status monitoring as well as preventive maintenance through direct connection with plant equipment (ATNS TMX for Production). It provides an excellent way to facilitate preventive maintenance by enabling the quick handling of problems encountered during plant maintenance.
ATNS Mobile Plant Maintenance for SAP is the most effective tool and the vital foundation of SMART Factory for customers using SAP Plant Maintenance.
Digital Transformation Automated preventive maintenance and failure prediction is possible with all the data from the production facilities.
This increases the reliability and productivity of the production, and it can be an essential foundation of SMART Factory.
Real-Time Workers can immediately check the work orders assigned to
them and can process notifications, parts orders, etc. in real-time.
Managers can monitor in-process or processed jobs in real-time.
Mobility All the necessary tasks for facility maintenance, such as work order confirmation, notification creation, facility manual search, error code search, etc. can be processed through mobile quickly and flexibly.
Scalability Facility management is part of Asset Management.
In addition to the equipment management required for production, it can be extended to asset management functions, including various fixed assets companies hold.
Features and Capabilities
Work Order Management

Check and process scheduled or assigned work orders
Check the status of assigned work order, check processing history


Notification Generation in Real-Time and Check assigned Notification details
When creating a notification, check the relevant error codes, attach solutions for each error code, and attach photos to the abnormal part.

PO Generation

Search for parts needed for maintenance, check stock status
Direct parts ordering if short

ATNS TMX for Production or SCADA Integration

Integrate with ATNS TMX for Production or 3rd Party SCADA systems to inspect alerts, identify failures, and take action in real-time.

Content Server Integration

Search and check facility manuals and error codes stored in Content Server directly on mobile
Photos, documents, etc. generated during work order processing are stored in the content server.

Offline Operation

Even if the network is disconnected while the engineer is working, it is possible to check and process the work assigned offline.
Synchronized in the background when a connection is resumed

Automatic Timesheet
Device Independent

Responsive to all types of equipment based on the SAPUI5 platform.

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