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EASY AND QUICK, ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE ATNS Accounting, part of ATNS ERP Edition, provides standardized master data and processes for overall financial accounting management within a company. It can improve the clarity and efficiency of the accounting process and further reduce time and cost.

Standardization of Master Data

A standardized chart of accounts is used through a clear definition and control of standard accounting titles for a single company or a group company. It supports the calculation of general and consolidated financial statements.

Real-Time Monitoring and Shorten Monthly Closing Time

You can shorten the monthly closing time by checking sales processing and expense closing that are used to be delayed at the end of the month.

Uniform Accounting Business Process

You can unify the company's overall accounting process through the system, using financial reporting, approval management, and document clearing settlement management for the standard business accounting process provided by WeNestlm.

Minimize Deployment Costs

ATNS Cloud-based system packages are readily available as client and user registrations. There is no need to build a separate system, which saves you time and money for the deployment of additional systems.

Accounting Transparency

ATNS Accounting is designed to handle business processing based on standardized master data in the system, which prevents the indiscriminate creation or modification of master data.

Minimize Physical Document Management

All documentary evidence in the system can be recorded and stored in the form of electronic documents, thereby avoiding inefficient business processes such as submitting proof of physical documentation and manual approval.

Authorization Management

User access can be controlled by granting user-specific permissions to detailed menus in the system. The security of accounting data can be enhanced by issuing and controlling authority according to the organizational characteristics of various departments.

ERP Integration

If you have a separate legacy system in your company for external processes such as sales and logistics other than accounting, ATNS Accounting will be built and integrated with existing systems.

Features and Capabilities
Dashboard Monitoring Monitoring for real-time payment status and graphical accounting report
Accounting Document / Approval

Display accounting document processing status by user
File attachment and search function
Display a list of payment targets, etc.


Display payment details and provide payment processing based on Due Date.


Provide various accounting reports (Financial Statement, Trial Balance, G / L Items, ARAP Aging)

Master Data

Provide accounting standard data maintenance function

System Setting

System reference information definition function (Company, User, Department, Approval Line)

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