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A FLEXIBLE, CUSTOMIZABLE AND SCALABLE LOGISTICS SYSTEM ATNS Logistics, part of ATNS ERP Edition, can reduce lead times and increase available warehouse space by more efficiently locating items. Also, Streamline processes from order to delivery to deliver enhanced customer service. ATNS Logistics can be set up as a standalone application or integrated with other applications. (EDI, Accounting or parts of ERP) It enables the centralized management of different tasks, such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations.

Reduced Operational Expenses

If you have date-restricted stock in your warehouse, the right Logistics Management System can help reduce waste by identifying which units need to be picked first, and which may require a sales push.

Better Inventory Balance

A "bad" LMS can cost you in inventory, as well. When stored in the proper environment and used in the best order, it eliminates scrap, waste, and obsolescence.

Improved Supplier and Customer Relationships

An efficiently run warehouse helps reduce delivery lead times and order accuracy errors, and that means more customers are satisfied with their orders, which in turn means more sales.

Flexible Implementation

ATNS ERP Logistics System can manage the entire Logistics process or only the aspects of your operation that require more sophisticated and accurate measurement or management. A key benefit here is scalability.

Transparency and Visibility

When suppliers have access to their inventory use and on-hand SKUs, they gain the ability to plan and implement their production. By shedding some redundancy, they reduce lead time and minimize the costs associated with holding excess warehouse inventory.

Optimized Processes

Choosing the correct LMS for your business will allow you to optimize your process within the warehouse seamlessly. That means not only finding the right methods to suit your business itself, but also those that fit the types of materials you manage.

ERP Integration

When your outgoing orders are accurate, your demand history isn't bogged down with repeat shipments, replacements, or shipping issues, which gives you a more unobstructed view of overall operations.

Features and Capabilities
One-step Receiving

One-step receiving will easily cut your product receipt times in half by automatically validating expected receipts and notifying users of errors or discrepancies.

Put away

The stock movement is efficiently directed throughout the warehouse to increase efficiency and lower labor costs.


Manufacturing Resource Planning is a type of application software system used to schedule and monitor the full range of resources required for a manufacturing operation.


Picking is a system that helps your employees pick orders more efficiently, whether by route, zone, batch order, batch-within-zone, FIFO, or lot.


Ensures accurate shipping through picking scans and optional order validation.

Physical Inventory

The process of counting the actual items that you have and comparing the quantity counted to the on-hand number in the system and updating it with the correct inventory counts.

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