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Implementation Fully experienced consultants who have necessary competencies grow customers into key drivers of project success. Causes of Implementation Failure "According to Gartner, more than 75% of ERP implementations fail."
1. Excessive budget delayed schedule
2. Does not achieve the desired result in actual operation after completion
3. Lack of capacity and time of project team members (Inability to concentrate on projects by having to do other tasks)
4. Test failures due to inadequate testing
5. Insufficient capacity of consultants in charge of deployment, etc.
Common Problems in Implementation of a General Consulting
1. Failure to estimate the resources and schedule required for deployment
2. Put resources over budget
3. Increasing costs as project periods continue to grow due to schedule delays
The larger-scale implementation as Big Bang deployment, the higher the added cost. Failure to build a system such as ERP, which is the most fundamental, can lead to a severe impact on deployment in other areas as well, resulting in unexpected and expensive waste. Advantages of ATNS USA's Implementation 1. Fully experienced and competent consultants
Most ATNS USA consultants began their careers with regular users in the general business work area. Thanks to their growth from general users to power users and consultants, they have enough experience with the customer's position. We have the capacity to understand, present, and implement solutions from the customer's point of view before looking at the consultant's perspective. Based on this experience, we can offer our customers a quote with a precise end date rather than an ambiguous forecast. As a result, ATNS USA's commitment to customers' budgets, resources, and project schedule is more reliable. 2. Differentiated approach to a challenge No matter how accurately predicting the resources and timelines needed to build, projects often face a variety of challenges. But our approach to that challenge is different. First, we do our best to complete the earlier phase in the project successfully. This success of experience will allow users to gain sufficient lessons learned and experiences. Users get to know what's essential when implementing, how to resolve issues, and what are the critical success factors. From then on, the growing users and consultants will be able to create strong synergies, making the forecasted cost and duration still sufficient. 3. Build various value-added solutions to maximize operational efficiency For customers who have already deployed ERP, ATNS USA offers a range of additional solutions to help customers use their system more efficiently. By building these complementary solutions, users can handle tasks more conveniently and accurately, and managers can check work status in real-time and get more accurate management indicators. It will also help a customer make quick decisions anytime, anywhere.
Support Ultimate Support Cost Reduction by Empowering Business Users with Experience Database Common Problems with Supporting 1. Focus on eliminating errors rather than solving root causes of problems A key KPI for an organization that supports issues encountered during the operation of a customer's application is typically "how quickly to resolve the error." This is a natural strategy to support stable operations by reducing customer business downtime. Still, on the other hand, it has the side effect of focusing on merely eliminating the error message rather than fundamentally solving the problem. 2. Let customers stay as just simple users of the application Support organizations are increasingly being transformed to provide services through various collaboration tools or helpdesk tools. This has the disadvantage that, unlike the traditional support method consisting of consultants and developers, eliminate errors only on the surface through workaround processing with knowledge of the system or make the customer a person who uses the application. Advantages of ATNS USA's Support 1. In-depth Root Cause Analysis and Experience Database System ATNS USA Supporting teams have an organizational structure for optimal collaboration between consultants who know business flow and developers who understand the technical flow. We help to maintain the stable business continuity of the customer through the quick error resolution. But not only that, we analyze the cause and background of the problems and stores / manage the processes and results for solving the problem in the Experience Database System. 2. Reduce support costs by empowering business users Relevant details such as the symptom, cause, and resolution of the problem are reported to the customer and thoroughly explained. As these experiences accumulate, customers can trace the background of the issues by themselves, identify relevant business relationships, and learn how to deal with future errors. Furthermore, customers will be able to develop knowledge of maintaining the system, such as preventing similar errors in the future. Instead of being a mere system user, customers grow into business process handlers who can solve and prevent problems themselves. ATNS USA's Supporting Service enables you to increase your productivity and minimize your support cost savings through internal competency building.
Training and Education Pass on experience, accumulated through implementation and support to customers with practical and effective training.
Your users change frequently and continuously.

But finding and hiring employees with similar experiences requires time for reliable operation.
Support personnel will continue to be replaced more quickly.
Support companies hire consultants with proper capability, but it's not easy to see and respond to customer's business in a short time.

ATNS USA has been researching how to maintain business continuity by minimizing work gaps through faster job takeover when changing staff.

Finally, we turned our experience of implementing, supporting, and knowledge into an Experience Database System. This allows us to quickly and effectively provide consultants' expertise and knowledge to new employees or support organizations.
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