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MORE ACCURATE AND FASTER CLOSING PROCESS In standardizing and managing the intricate steps of the Monthly Closing Process, as master data systematically and efficiently to provide more accurate and faster Closing and Reporting. By registering various documents related to each step of the Closing process as attachments or comments, it is easier to take over the business, minimizing the risks that may occur in the absence of a person in charge or change them. Through a status board that provides an overview of the progress of each step in real-time, it checks and prevents bottleneck areas that can delay work and resolves errors quickly, accelerating Closing operations and improving stability.
Each step of the Closing process is registered in the system and executed as defined, thus allowing accurate and faster Closing operations by preventing accidental misses due to mistakes by users and preventing work delays.
Increase work efficiency and productivity by integrating the Closing process and unstructured data. You can quickly access processes and documents simultaneously, not separately.
When Closing delays occur, anyone can easily see the steps that cause. Improves reliability of Closing by providing an environment where a person in charge can identify the cause efficiently and solve problems more quickly.
Managers can instantly see the progress through real-time progress monitoring without having to wait for a Closing report to get timely information needed for decision making.
Features and Capabilities

Master Data for Each Step of the Closing Process

Register and manage transactions or programs executed in each step
Add, delete, or change the Closing process flexibly when the Closing process occurs.

Change history Management
According to Changing Closing Process

Change history management such as user ID and change time for newly registered or deleted steps

Register/Manage Attachments or Comments in Each Step of the Closing Process

Real-Time Progress Board of Closing Process (Process Map)

Provide a status board that allows you to see the progress of each step at a glance in real-time
Instantly view details of the task execution date, time information, performer, current execution status and error status of each step

Separate Execute Permissions for Each Level or Group

Grant executive permission separately for each step or group, so only authorized users can perform the task.

Job History Management for Each Step of the Closing Process

Each step can be checked in detail. (Execution Status, Run date and time, Attendant, Processing time, Reverse history, error log, etc.)

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